Taking a trip can be both exhilarating and stressful. While it can be great getting away from home and seeing new sights, there is also the concern that one might forget to pack something important, or on the other side of the spectrum, lugging around heavy suitcases due to over packing. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a trip. Here are a list of travel hacks that can hopefully make that next long vacation go smoother.

Use Disposable Contact Lenses

For travelers that wear glasses or wear contacts, the concern over losing or damaging an expensive set of prescription lenses as well as limitations on the amount of liquid that can be brought on a flight, including contact lens solution, is a reasonable one. In these cases, the simplest answer is to opt for disposable contact lenses. There are options for both daily and monthly use and it’s easy to stock up on contact lenses when packing for a trip. As an extra precaution, a nervous traveler can also bring along a copy of their prescription so that they may obtain additional contacts while traveling as needed.

Pack Clothing Smarter

While packing it’s easy to end up trying to pack too much due to concerns of not having something you might need. Even worse, space limitations can mean that you can’t pack as many clothes as one might want or need. In these cases there are a few tips. Rolling clothing up tightly can help save a ton of space. In addition, it is surprisingly easier to quickly grab clothing items that are wanted without having to dig through the entire suitcase and make a mess. Another tip for the fashion conscious is to pack similar colored clothing so that it is easier to mix and match pieces.

Store Cords in a Glasses Case

We live in a world where technology is everywhere – almost everyone has at least a cellphone. Then there are the tablets, e-readers, digital cameras, laptops, the list goes on and on. The one important thing for all of these electronics are the chargers because batteries don’t last forever (yet). Many of these individual devices tend to have their own cords with different ports, which means more cords to pack. It can quickly become frustrating keeping track of cables, even worse when they become tangled or lost, and a dead phone in a foreign city can quickly turn into a nightmare. A clever way to store all of those chargers is to wrap them all up and keep them in a small but easy to find box, such as an old glasses case. It’ll simply be easier to find the cables needed if they are all neatly stored in one case rather than having to dig around for them.

Traveling can be exhausting and the last thing a traveler would want is to waste time looking for things or worse, having to spend money replacing items. Hopefully these hacks make packing and finding needed items on that next trip much easier.