Arts and Crafts Ideas

With age comes wisdom and what better way to pass down years of experience and knowledge by doing activities both grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy. Spending time together not only creates a sense of belongingness but also creates stronger and long lasting bonds. Even simple activities such as making a scrapbook together allow grandchildren and grandparents to have something that they both made – plus the memory of making it will always be irreplaceable. There are many arts and crafts ideas for children that can be enjoyed with their grandparents and a majority of them are stress-free, fun, and simple.

Hand painting and finger painting

Painting in itself is already an activity that is fun and enjoyable, add in another layer of fun and you’ve got hand painting and finger painting. With just paint in mind, the images you can create are limitless and grandchildren will of course love the idea of being able to paint with their bare hands. Just remember add a layer of newspapers on the area where you will be painting and also to wear old clothes (since paint will most likely stain your shirt).


The art of paper folding or origami is an activity children will definitely come to love. Remember the first time you made your own paper airplane, paper boat or even paper hat and pretended to be a pirate? Add in a little intricacy and you can teach grandchildren how to make paper cranes, paper flowers and more. There are even tutorials you can view to learn how to make new origami figures; definitely a fun activity for grandparents and grandchildren alike.


Making a scrapbook with a grandparent is definitely one activity a grandchild will remember for a lifetime. Not only is the activity fun, it’s also very sentimental. The scrapbook may generally contain pictures, drawings, or even letters. You’re free to choose the materials you’d need for the activity and the best part is you can even use recycled materials for the scrapbook. The activity gives grandchildren and grandparents something they can hold on to and something they’ll forever remember.

Paper plate superhero masks

Majority of children love roleplaying as superheroes and what better way to make them feel like heroes than making them superhero masks? And the best part is – grandparents can also have their own superhero masks! There are plenty of superheroes out there and generally, all it takes to replicate their masks are some pens, tape, and scissors. After making the superhero masks (or super villain), you can then pretend to save the day and fight crime with the kids!

There are plenty of arts and crafts ideas out there grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy and they all have one thing in common – it’s definitely a chance to spend time together. We’re not getting younger and these activities give us a chance to make memories not even money can’t buy and we’ll forever cherish. Yes, we make paper plate superhero masks and pretend to be superheroes like Batman, Spiderman or even Superman but the real heroes are our grandparents.