When you live or vacation in a cooler climate you’re likely to have the option to heat your home, or home away from home with an ambient wood stove or fireplace. Why not use that space to keep your home looking artistic and well put together. No need to have an old box in the corner with wood strewn all over the place. Spruce it up a little with an artisanal log basket to keep things organised and inviting. Here are four places for an artisanal log basket.

The Lake-Side Cabin

Those cool winter days tucked away at the lake-side cabin can be more inviting with a warm roaring fire to keep everyone warm and cozy. This style of living likely lends itself to large caches of wood that are only tended to when you or someone else is around to look after them. A stunning piece like a wrought iron log basket is a great way to tie in organisation and practicality to this lake-side cabin look. When the look is crafted by a talented blacksmith the results are breathtaking.

In The Home

Surviving in a part of the world whose temperatures can spend a large time of the year below freezing, means you need to be prepared. Utilizing wood as part of your energy consumption to warm the home is a task that can’t fall behind. If you live somewhere like Sweden you will know what we mean, the fire must be kept going all the time. To make the task easier, a nice piece like an extra large long ring are a great way to keep the wood stacked deep in a way that also looks nice in the home. Getting the right hand-crafted ring at the right size is essential, with a nice full size measuring around W69xD22xH65sm is a great size to make sure you are covered.

Countryside Estates

Life in the country is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing lifestyles you can have. Those calm quite days and long relaxing nights are a wonderful way to savour the moments of life. The warmth of a fire to keep your countryside home warm is often as much a necessity as it is a luxury. When the area you use to keep the fire going requires not only wood, but kindling. It is nice to add in an accent piece like an artisanal wrought iron kindling ring. Sat next to something like a log basket, they make a great pair. One to get things going and the other to keep you warm all night. Think about adding a kindling ring to your countryside home for elegance and usability.

City Dwellings

Living in larger towns or cities is an excellent way to keep yourself and your family close to the major amenities of life, like work and schools. These homes tend to be a bit smaller and the contents of them often needs to be a bit more thought through. For the area of the home that hosts the fireplace, its good to keep it clean, yet modern. The addition of a small wrought iron log ring is a great way to achieve this. One made by an artisanal blacksmith who took the time to think of those little extras like a wrought iron knots to tie it together is wonderful addition to the home. The perfect size like W46xD22xH42cm will fit in nicely and still perform its duties.