Ashtanga Yoga

Results have proven how practicing Ashtanga Yoga on a daily basis is not only a great exercise for the body, but it is also beneficial for health and mental aspects. This practice focuses on the breathing and being able to control it while moving around with your body, this causes your body to release endorphins which not only relaxes the mind, but brings you into a happy state.Not all yoga practices are the same since they all focus on different things, however Ashtanga is recognized for creating a connection with the body and allowing the person to feel more stable.

The benefits of practicing it are infinite, so here we show you why it should be your newest activity:

Benefits for your body

You will find a perfect balance between strength and flexibility. A daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga helps the body to be healthier and stronger. Studies have proven that doing Ashtanga Yoga can reduce your body fat percentage, as it improves circulation throughout the body. It also accents the muscles and lubricates the joints, which will help your body as you grow older.

Benefits for your mind

Ashtanga Yoga lets yo be in contact with your mind and your body at the same time. This practice allows you to calm your mind and be able to be in the “now”, meaning the present. Often we live our lives thinking of stuff we have to do, and stressing over little things, which is why yoga is the ideal exercise for a person who is unable to detach themselves from being constantly overwhelmed and allows them to find peace within.

It also promotes self awareness, not something that we are conscious of every day. Self awareness allows us to listen to our bodies and realize what we need, and what our body is asking from us. This practice allows the person to be in sync with every aspect of their bodies, and to feel centered.

Benefits for your spirit and well being

Ashtanga Yoga bases its practice on the control of the breath, which is an important aspect since being in control of this allows you to be in control of your mind. When a person is being more aware of their inner being, they become more conscious and more in sync with their spirit and mind. Being able to connect with your spirit promotes self acceptance, which is key for being good with yourself.

This yoga practice allows you to be more connected with your body, and the constant practice of it is a pure demonstration of love and self acceptance to yourself. We need to live to our full potential every day, learn to take better care of ourselves and live in peace which is why Ashtanga nourishes your body in all the right ways.