One of the most important people in the life of young children is a teacher. Not all of them are perfect, true, but when one of them does a really fine job, the children end up remembering them for a long, long time. Giving a good gift to a teacher is like giving them a nice thank you note for all the hard work they’ve done in securing that the minds of our children will develop the way that they should.

Travel Mug

It’s no secret that in a lot of cases teachers life far from the school and they have to somewhat “travel” for a long while to get to the school where they’re teaching. And not only that but they have to go back home after work, and all of this might take up a long time. While nothing spectacular in its own way, a travel mug will probably reassure them that there’s somebody out there that’s wishing them well, so they’ll smile every time they take a sip of coffee while coming to work in the morning.


A very efficient gift to give to any person, let alone a teacher. They always have to maximise efficiency in order to be able to stay on top of every organisational element of their job. A notebook might seem like a little bit on the nose to some people, but most teachers will definitely love it, as it will show them that you understand that their jobs take a lot of careful planning, and notebooks are a great way to do that.

A Good Book

Teachers are in the business of imparting knowledge on any and all minds they come across, and books are the symbol of knowledge. This is probably one of the best teacher gifts that you can give because it completely symbolizes everything that teachers stand for. Not only that, but they can offer hours of entertainment, besides being a valuable font of knowledge, so you can’t go wrong with giving a book as a gift to a teacher.

Highlighter Pens

It might seem like highlighter pens are not a fitting gift to a teacher, but actually, they might just be one of the best ones you can give them. Highlighter pens can be invaluable to any teacher, especially when to comes to managing and organising their time in the classroom, and sometimes even outside of it. You’ll rarely see a teacher without these types of pens, and for a very good reason. So if you want to surprise them a little bit, definitely consider highlighter pens.

Storage Box

There’s a wide number of decorative storage boxes that would make ideal gifts for a teacher. With all of their tools and books, they need to teach children, storage boxes feel unique, as it’s mostly about the gesture and not about the gift itself. But if you want to go the extra mile, then you can make it a two-in-one gift, and fill the box with other gifts for the teacher, so that way you’ll surprise them the most.

Teaching is a noble profession, and teachers need all the love and support they can get. Make sure to check out The Works for even more great choices on gifts.