Everyone is talking about investments these days but the truth is that few actually know how to explain what should be done in a way that is properly understood. Unfortunately, when looking at most beginner investors it is clear that they are going to fail. This is due to so many different possible reasons. However, according to Marc Leder, one of the main problems is that people do not fully understand the risks they are faced with.

When you are a beginner investor, the very best thing that you can do is to choose investment strategies that are conservative. Unfortunately, this also brings in a problem. Some of the conservative investment strategies that are available are not actually that great as they are not now offering good-enough returns.

If you want to make an investment as a beginner, you want it to be safe and it needs to guarantee some sort of profit. Some of the best opportunities available for you right now are presented below.

High-Yield Savings Accounts

This alternative savings product is offered by most banks out there. What is different when compared with the regular bank account is that you get a higher yield while the same safety is in place. Investors are offered a fixed interest return rate, with prices that are highly competitive. The only problem is that money is not going to be accessible during the duration of the signed contract. If you want to take the money out, you lose the interest that you could have received.

When choosing such an investment option, be sure that you only use money that can be tucked away without influencing your day-to-day activities. Also, be sure you compare interest rates as deals tend to wildly vary from one bank to the next.


Commodities are still seen as one of the safest investment options available for the conservative investor so they have to be considered by beginners. The best example of a great commodity to put money in is precious metals. An added advantage, besides the fact that the value of the metals historically grows, is that you are protected against inflation and uncertainties.

You now have access to various commodities to invest in. Conservative investors look for them as they attempt to diversify their investment portfolio. However, as a beginner, you can start with such investments.

Savings Bonds

These are some of the safest investments you can make at the moment. A treasury offers ultra-safe and smart conservative bonds. Normally, these bonds have a fixed rate and are adjusted according to inflation changes. The great thing about savings bonds is that they are backed by the government of a country. There is practically zero possibility that you are going to lose your money.

Final Thoughts

Conservative investment options are safe but remember that profits are low. Because of this, as you gain experience, you need to move up to the investments that have a higher risk. Do this only when you are confident and you have the necessary knowledge to make the step.