My friend George Ammar was never someone that I would consider to be a healthy person when we were younger, but as he reached his 30s he made a remarkable shift in his life and began to live a very healthy and active lifestyle. I was chatting to George last week about why he made this change and whether or not thinks that the benefits of this lifestyle are what has made him as happy as he is.

George has what I would consider to be a stressful lifestyle as a father of 3 and the CEO and founder of Ohio CFO LLC, a company which has taken up much of his time since he became CPA certified. Despite this however, George is out each morning pounding the Cleveland, Ohio streets and he explained to me just how this makes active lifestyle and healthy eating makes him a happier person.


George talks to me first about the days when he was studying to become an accountant and he confesses that he has no idea how he was able to eat the way that he did and still focus. George S Ammar is someone that likes to be in control of stations and his own emotions and he admits that when he eats well and exercises often, he is far more focussed and as a result, much happier.


What kickstarted George to get healthy was his children, George realized that as the kids were reaching toddler age, he didn’t have the energy that it took to play with them each night. George’s resilience would shine through and he would manage to play with the kids, but he tells me that he would pay for it the very next day. After doing this for a couple of weeks he decided that enough was enough and he looked in the phone directory for a local gym – this was in the 90s hence no internet.


 For many years George struggled with insomnia which he always put down to the stresses and strains of both studying and managing a day job at the same time, plus the added pressure of having a family. George changed his diet and his lifestyle during these years however and he quickly learned that this was the reason why he hadn’t been sleeping well enough. If you eat a healthy diet, exercise frequently and drink plenty of water you are far more likely to have a great quality sleep than if you don’t look after yourself. George tells me how energetic he feels now in the morning and that makes him want to go and grab the day by the proverbials. It is this high quality sleep which George also says is what makes him happy, because of the way that it makes him feel each and every day.

 So there you have it, if you want to be a happier person, make sure that you are leading a healthy lifestyle.