Workplace Innovation

Everybody knows that innovation is key to success. Businesses all over the world have installed innovation software tools in order to help them manage this process. Yet, things still don’t go right. There seems to be a lack of ability to implement the necessary innovation plans, meaning that nobody gets past the point of having ideas. The reason for this, according to experts, is that people are so afraid of change.

Why We Fear Change

There are many reasons why people fear change, and many excuses they give to not embrace it. They presume it won’t work, that there’s no money for it, or that it won’t be accepted to the board. This happens in the same breath as managers saying that change is embraced and innovation is key. Essentially, what management says and what they do are two completely different things. So why does this happen?

It is important to understand that managing isn’t being purposefully deceitful. Rather, they are afraid. They are afraid of what they don’t know, afraid to fail, afraid to be criticized, afraid of losing their job. Indeed, the latter is a big one, because people continue to fear for their employment future. This is a clear residual of the Great Recession, which was perhaps the greatest assassin of innovation in the history of mankind.

There are other issues that stop innovation besides fear of the unknown. One is that egos get in the way, with managers only wanting to commit to change if the idea was theirs. Others have a dogmatic culture, which means that anything new is automatically dismissed. Either way, all those ideas are the opposite of innovation, and they stop progress.

An Innovator Is a Warrior and Innovation Software Their Weapon

Some believe that the above is so ingrained, that there really is no point even trying. This is why true innovators are a breed apart. They are those rare people who dare to stand up and share their ideas. The ones who accept their own creative errors because they know they also have moments of creative genius. They are the ones who will stand up and do what everybody knows is right. Mainly, they put their money where their mouth is.

An innovator’s favorite weapon is innovation software. This is the tool that allows them to identify those like them, those who have ideas and are willing to share them. Innovation software also gives those who are on the fence the confidence to speak out, because they see the conversation taking place around them. Through innovation software, anyone can not just submit ideas, anonymously if they have to, they can also discuss ideas that have already been submitted. It truly is the greatest tool available, if implemented properly.

That implementation is the real role of the warrior innovator. They are the ones who must encourage others to use it. They should be leaders and managers, leading by example and showing others that they can be listened to. That is the way innovation will happen in the workplace.