iPhone X Features

The latest flagship smartphone made by Apple, the new iPhone X is not intended to simply be the new iPhone, but rather the start of a new generation of iPhones. It might still have that well-known Apple design, but it’s evident that this phone is meant to be something new and unique. Standard Apple features are still present in the iPhone X, while some are brand new, and others have been excluded – like the home button.

OLED Screen

Simply staring at the screen looks and feels amazing. The new OLED (or super retina) display can display more and better looking colors, at higher resolutions. The screen looks incredibly sharp and clear, and it’s one of those things that you have to witness for yourself.

Wireless Charging

One of the more anticipated features of the iPhone X, this allows the phone to charge wirelessly. The new design is made specifically to accommodate this feature, and it allow for a fast charge where you don’t need a changer and cables. It’s really neat.

Faster Processor

The New A11 Bionic processor was built and created specifically for the iPhone X, and has a total of six cores – two performance cores, and four high-efficiency ones. It’s incredibly well optimized, and allows for a fast and sleek usage of an otherwise excellent smartphone.

Face ID

There is no fingerprint sensor of the iPhone X, but rather a new type of Face ID, that’s powered by the new processor. What it does is, it creates a 3D image of your face, and because it uses machine learning, it can detect it even when you’re wearing glasses, or have a beard. It also works in the dark because it’s done from the infrared camera, and can’t be fooled by photos.

Improved battery life

While self-explanatory, this is actually a big deal, because iPhones aren’t generally known for their long battery life. With each iteration of the iPhone, apple have improved on that, and with this latest release, it’s obvious that they’ve put effort into it, because the X has several hours more battery life than the previous iPhone.

Dual Cameras

Apple have always been on the forefront of smartphone photography, and the iPhone X is no exception. The dual cameras allow for some excellent photography, and this camera setup is arguably some of the best there is in a smartphone. The photos taken by the iPhone X are clearer, sharped, and more vivid than any previous iPhone, and in most areas of photography is superior to the competition.


A unique and interesting feature, the Animoji are 3d emoji that are able to mimic your expression. Processed by the TrueDepth camera on the front of the phone, it tracks over 50 facial muscle movements, which translates to an Animoji that can be used in the messaging app.

Augmented Reality

AR itself is nothing new, but the with the many individually calibrated cameras, the new accelerometer and gyroscope, a really powerful A11 chip, and special software, the new iPhone X is the perfect device to use for Augmented Reality. Developers can take advantage of the both the rear camera and the TrueDepth one to create unique AR apps with unparalleled face tracking capabilities.