Glitter, shimmer, and all things bright are just a few of the trends this season. Now is the time where people want to make big bold fashion statements with their makeup. It’s a time to try out new looks, just in time for the change of seasons. For those looking to freshen up their look, they should look no further than Lime Crime. It’s a company that wants people to treat makeup as an art form. They believe that everyone should be able to express themselves, no matter what that means. This company has every product you could possibly dream of when it comes to giving yourself a new look.

Out with the old and in with the new means changing up your makeup routine. First, nothing feels better than a fresh tube of lipstick. Lime Crime product has got you covered if you’re looking to make your lips pop. They have a whole line of Velvetines and matte lipstick. These come in all different colors such as shades of pink, red, blue, green, brown and more. Literally, if you can dream up a color, chances are that it’s already in circulation as a Lime Crime product. These lipsticks glide on smooth, don’t clump up and hydrate your lip. They’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free as well. You can choose between matte or liquid depending on your personal preference.

With the constant new releases of makeup products, it’s easy to forget about mascara. This company, however, has got you covered in your quest to look like a unicorn. Their founder and creator wears eyelash extensions but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about those who want longer lashes by using mascara.

As much as some people love rocking lipstick, it’s good to switch it up every now and then. Lip gloss is a great product for any occasion and the Diamond Crushers do not disappoint. You can add them on top of one of the liquid or matte lipsticks or you can have them stand alone. The product itself looks like it’s made of crushed diamonds, creating the perfect shimmer for your look. Once it’s dry, the product stays in place for all-day wear. Lips will never feel heavy or sticky. You’ll forget that you’re wearing a product that’s helping you to look extra magical.

Finally, trendy hair colors are in this summer. For the longest time, people loved the natural look of blonde, brown, and black hair. Times are changing and this company is changing with them. Unicorn Hair Dye entered the scene, making it easier for users to achieve the hair of their dreams. Thanks to this dye, people can transform their hair into gorgeous shades of purple, red, green, and more. The products won’t damage hair, unlike traditional box dye. The best part is that there are products for people no matter how light or dark their hair is.

Overall, this company will help you keep up with the trends. That’s because they themselves are keeping up with the trends. If you want to look and feel magical, grab one of their products today.