Los Cabos, Mexico

Like many places in Mexico, Los Cabos is a naturally beautiful place with plenty of things to see and do. There are attractions to cater to any personality, from outdoor adventurers to active sports lovers and art loving introverts. It’s easy to take to the water or learn more about local Mexican history in the local area. Visiting Los Cabos can be a packed whirlwind of activity, or a relaxing time to enjoy the beach and luxurious Los Cabos villas, depending on the way visitors structure their itinerary and how long they plan to stay.

Visit the Local Beaches

Visitors to Los Cabos can visit many beautiful local white sand beaches to soak up some of the Mexican sun. Within just a small area, there is lots of coastline and plenty of distinct beaches, each with its own flair and style. Medano Beach is popular with both tourists and locals, so it tends to be bustling with activity on any day. This can be a great place to try water sports, like snorkeling, waterskiing and parasailing. Lands End beach is another beach that is ideal for climbing along the stone cliffs and looking out at the water. Divorce Beach is known for the natural rock formations that crop up out of the sand, with rough waves all around. Despite the name, this beach is known as a place for lovers to visit and seal their love with a kiss.

The El Vizcaino Nature Reserve

Set along the coastline and covering the area all the way out into the water, this sprawling nature reserve is home to many different animal species, including whales, big horn sheep, mule deer, dolphins, multiple species of birds and plenty of types of fish and underwater animals. As the largest nature reserve in Mexico, it is a unique landscape that stretches across 55,000 kilometers of land, and visitors are unlikely to see a similar area anywhere else. While it may not be ideal for those who like to be in the city, there is plenty for nature lovers to see and do. The undisturbed wildlife and flora in the area is a great place for picnics, sightseeing and spotting various kinds of animals.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The arch of Cabo San Lucas is one of the area’s best known monuments, and a popular tourist attraction at any time of year. Featured in many famous photos and international advertisements for Mexico, the rock formation is familiar to many though they may not know the name. The rock formation along the beach has a large arch that naturally formed into the rock face and grew larger over time thousands of years ago. The natural rock formation marks the place where the Pacific Ocean flows into the Gulf of California. Natural erosion forced the archway into the stone, where it now stands three stories tall. In addition to seeing the arch, visitors will find a beautiful beach and shopping and dining nearby.

The Art District

For a break from the sunshine and outdoor activities, the art district in downtown San Jose del Cabo is a great place for visitors to spend time indoors. Multiple galleries in the area offer world class artwork, including sculptures, paintings and jewelry. The area also puts together seasonal events and art walks to encourage visitors. In the evening, visitors can eat and drink in the small restaurants and bars that dot the area.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

This national park is not only a place to see the usual wildlife and beaches, but a piece of modern history. Out of all the coral reefs in the world, only three exist on the west coast of North America, and the oldest of these reefs is found in this park. The reef is said to be around 20,000 years old, and found in the water just off the coast in this park. Since being designated a protected site in the mid-nineties, the local ecosystem in the water has grown in biodiversity and size.

Cabo Wabo

When nighttime hits in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Wabo is the place everyone wants to be. On the beachside not far from The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, there is always a party happening here, every day of the week. The world famous cantina and bar features live music, a full menu and legendarily strong drinks.

Sailing and snorkeling

With water all around and beaches in every direction, it only stands to reason that there will be plenty of boats for visitors to enjoy a unique view of the water. Whether they prefer sailing on a catamaran or booking a luxurious yacht to take to the water, there are plenty of companies offering rentals in the area. In addition, the biodiversity of the area makes snorkeling an interesting activity, where visitors can observe brightly colored fish and more.

There is enough to do in Los Cabos to fill any length of vacation, whether its just a few days or weeks at a time. Some of Mexico’s finest natural beauty is on display in the area, with local hospitality and cuisine to make the experience even better. With beautiful nature, soft sand beaches and exciting nightlife, its no wonder that Los Cabos is such a popular destination with tourists from all over the world.