Scott Beale aviation expert and business leader/entrepreneur is a highly inspiration man who has done my the great favor of coming in to speak to my students on more than one occasion about the aviation industry. Scott is a professional who has a wealth of experience in aviation and has done since he was a boy, when he found and old ADI instrument in his back garden. What Scott Beale aviation expert usually discusses in the class with my students is the many jobs within aviation which they could take on if they wanted to work in this field. I wanted then to share with you some of the jobs which Scott discusses, in case you also wanted to work in this field.


Aerospace engineers are some of the most brilliant minds in the world, they work each and every day on how to help us to fly higher, further, faster and safer. These men and women work at the cutting edge of technology and it is without question one of the most exciting fields of engineering that there is. All advancements that take place within the aviation industry are as a result of the aerospace engineers and if you love problem solving and flying, this could be the perfect career for you.


Planes are all well and good but without the brilliant individuals who fly them they are pretty useless. Becoming a pilot takes a great deal of training and investment but once you have completed your training you will be spending your days flying high and taking people all across the world. What better way to spend your day job than dancing across the clouds?

Air Steward

Air stewards and stewardesses provide a valuable service to the passengers on board the airline and they always go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the passengers are not only serviced, but also safe. Every airline relies on these men and women to keep their customers happy and safe, and they do a stellar job in this regard. To become an air service assistant you will need to take a training course and each airline will have their own requirements for what they will expect from you.

Air Traffic Control

With so many planes soaring through the skies on a daily basis we rely on the men and women working at Air Traffic Control to keep all of those planes away from each other. ATC is a vital job, especially in busy airports, which ensures the steady flow of plane traffic whilst also making sure that there are no dangers in the skies when planes are coming in to land or taking off. This is a job which requires on the job training and some qualifications beforehand, so if you think you are up for it you could be controlling the skies from the ATC tower.