Is Father’s Day a big deal in your family? If the answer is a very loud “yes”, then the pressure to find the best present for your partner is on. Take some of the stress out of the holiday by directing your family’s search to the trendiest tech accessories of the year. From unique iPhone decals to wireless noise cancelling headphones, there’s a gadget that will impress any dad. Look through the following stylish gizmos below to find something guaranteed to make the father of your children feel special on his big day.

A waterproof speaker

With summer just around the corner, soon your family will be spending all their spare time outside by the pool. If dad has plans on joining the kids in their big game of Marco Polo, then consider wrapping up a waterproof speaker this Father’s Day. The WonderBoom Bluetooth speaker pumps out beats even while floating in the middle of the pool, saving your partner from worrying about his tech when the game gets particularly rowdy. Whether fully submerged or simply sprayed by an epic cannonball, the WonderBoom will deliver crisp, clear audio all summer long.

A customized iPhone decal


An iPhone decal is a fantastic gift this year for any dad that cares about the way he looks. It acts as the bespoke suit of his handset, dressing his iPhone 8 in designer duds that show off his personal style. When it comes to cool decals iPhone fans know to shop from the premium designs over at dbrand. They established themselves as a force within the decal world as soon as they came on the scene over ten years ago — thanks in part to their fresh designs or skins, as they call them. Since then, they’ve amassed a huge following, with over one million Twitter followers eagerly awaiting their next decal design. Whether it’s chic bamboo and marble or rugged dragon skin and black camo, they offer the coolest iPhone 8 skins. Take a look at their designs and help your kids find the look that matches their dad’s style perfectly.

A stylish activity tracker


If your partner is worried about developing a dad bod, then a fitness tracker could be a helpful and trendy addition to Father’s Day. While there are other options out there, Fitbit remains the standard in fitness wearables. They have a considerable lineup of watches to choose from, each with its own signature design. That means you and your kids can find the watch face that matches dad’s style. Whether it’s the ultra-slim band of the Alta or the traditional timepiece look of the Blaze, they all come with steps and calorie counters. For other features, check this useful comparison of the Fitbit familyover at TechAdvisor. There’s something that will match your partner’s everyday look and his fitness needs.

A wireless headphone upgrade


Sure, Apple’s EarPods work good enough, but if your partner’s a true audiophile, these basic wireless headphones don’t do his curated playlist justice.  The Sony WH-1000XM2, on the other hand, will. These over-the-ear headphones have superior noise cancellation. It’s capable of cancelling out loud noises in the background, so he can tune into his favorite podcast or playlist even on a loud commute. It also has an ambient noise mode that lets high-frequency tones come through, so he’ll never miss out on announcements over the loudspeaker.

Whether you and the kids wrap up a custom-made iPhone skin or stylish activity tracker, a tech-inspired accessory will help your family show him how much you care. Shop from trendy tech to find something worthy of your important guy and celebrate Father’s Day right this year.