With tons of smart laptop backpacks currently for sale, it’s not easy to pick the best option. Naturally, all manufacturers will claim that their backpack is the best option by far, but can you really rely on these reviews? In my opinion, I always go with what the masses have to say, and let me tell you something, that tactic never failed me so far.

Today, we’ll dissect the Standard’s Daily Backpack, a great piece of travel gear which has been collecting positive reviews since its release. Customers cannot stop raving about its modern design and fantastic features, but is this hype really justified? Check out the article below and find out.

The look to impress

No bold design was necessary here. Instead, the Daily is constructed in a much more conservative and classy way. Still, how come it’s not boring then? It’s simple, some things will never get out of fashion. The black and gray finish is ideal for business minded individuals, but it will also serve perfectly for the younger audience as well.

But wait, what about practicality? I’m glad you asked, as this backpack excels in that particular field. Not only that it looks ideal for any occasion, it also has the ability to transform in mere seconds from a classy briefcase, to a regular everyday backpack, and additionally, the Daily can also be carried as a messenger bag. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay any extra fees for this feature either. Standard was kind enough to include a free shoulder strap in the package.

Big enough for all of your needs

Don’t get me wrong, this backpack is not cumbersome by any means. In fact, with the dimensions of just 45 x 28 x 15 cm, it even stands on the smaller side. However, due to the multitude of available compartments, I was always able to get my things in, and zip them in tightly. In case you’re a numbers person, let’s just mention that the overall capacity stands at 18L, not that it means that much to most buyers. What does impress most people is just how light the whole thing is! At just 2.2 lbs, it’s easily one of the lightest daily backpacks I ever had, and after using this awesome thing for a month, I don’t know if I’d be able to go back to my old heavy-duty backpack.

Stop everything, these features are just too good

The primary purpose of any backpack is to carry your stuff from point A to point B, but these features are a bonus that’s almost too good to believe. Before getting the Daily, I didn’t even know what an RFID-secured pocket is, and I’m not even an overly paranoid person, but after realizing that my data is now 100% safe because of this tremendous feature, I began to love it so much.

Furthermore, one of the things that annoy me to no end is when my gadgets run out of juice. Charging them in coffee shops lasts forever, and it always felt like a slow death to me. Luckily, this backpack comes equipped with an integrated USB charging port, which made my life so much easier. My gadgets are now always up and running, no matter what!

It’s durable like no other

A great design and awesome modern features are a definite plus, but that would all mean very little if the construction quality is subpar. The Daily scores high figures is this area as well. Being built from the ultra-modern nylon fabric, this backpack is also water resistant. Trust me, this is a feature not to be taken lightly. On top of all, it also comes with another rain cover included in the package!

Lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee

That’s right, you’ve read that correctly. The Daily falls under a very rare category of backpacks that can offer such a deal. It almost seems too good to be true! Check it out at Standard Luggage Co.