Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a popular tourist destination year round, thanks to the beautiful local culture, breathtaking scenery and warm tropical climate. While other parts of Bali might be known for all night parties, Ubud is a cultural center, with plenty for visitors of all ages to do and see. Whether it’s a group of adventure junkies or a family looking to relax, Ubud has something for everyone. Here are some of the points you want to be sure to take in while you visit Ubud, Bali.

Local Culture and History

The Ubud area is known as a cultural center thanks to the amount of temples, museums and significant monuments of local history found here. Many of the local temples are carved into rock formations or mountains found outside town limits, some over ten kilometers away, so it may take several days to see them all at a leisurely pace. Some of these temples will require visitors to take shoes off, dress modestly or make a small donation before coming in to visit, so visitors should be sure to inform themselves before they arrive. A sarong and sash can often be rented at the temple if needed.

On rainy days or humid afternoons where visitors need to escape the outdoors, Ubud is home to several museums that showcase local culture and art, including:

  • The Blanco Renaissance Museum, which showcases the works of Don Antonio Blanco, an artist who lived locally
  • The Puri Lukisan Museum, showcasing modern art and Indonesian carvings
  • The Neka Art Museum, a gallery that shows paintings, established by an art teacher named Pande Wayan Suteja Neka
  • The Agung Rai Museum of Art, an art museum that also doubles as an eco-friendly resort

See Nature and Interact With Animals

Visitors who want to take an authentic look at Indonesian life only have to venture outside the city to get to more rural locations. Rice paddies, lush jungles and ravines sit just outside the city limits for brave explorers to journey into. Walk through town and continue going south to see the lush green paddies, with tall palm trees towering high above. Animal lovers can visit with monkeys and feed them in the Scared Monkey Forest Sanctuary animal park, which also has three ancient Hindu temples for visitors to experience. While the monkeys are friendly and interact with tourists, they can be aggressive if food is withheld and end up biting visitors if they do not get fed. Be sure not to pet them as they are not tame.

Relax and Stay

Relaxation is easy when surrounded by the lush tropical greenery native to this area, and many local businesses try to make it even easier to relax during a visit here. There are many spas in Ubud, catering to any style or preference. Many of them are modern and fuse traditional Indonesian treatments with updated amenities. In addition, many guesthouses and small hotels cater to tourists, with luxurious suites built into the lush foliage of the jungle.