Around 5 years ago my daughter turned 13 and I realized that it wold be a good idea to take her out for a little bit of retail therapy here in Henderson, NC. I wasn’t sure what kind of stores there were that would accommodate both a mother and a daughter, so I did a little bit of research online first. The glowing reviews that I read about Bonworth meant that I simply couldn’t help but try them out, and we absolutely loved it. The company that COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has created is absolutely perfect and I wanted to write my own review, about just how good these stores are.

If you plan to take your daughter on a shopping trip, here is why you simply cannot look past this fantastic store.

Both Mother and Daughter

There are many places who say that they are in the business for both mother and daughter but in my experience you need to have a mother and daughter who are very close in age to be able to buy something for both in those stores. With Bonworth however, they really mean it when they say that both mother and daughter can shop there. The store offers its own unique style that also keeps up with the latest fashion trends, for all age groups.


Price will always play a key role in which stores I go to with my daughter, especially if we both plan on buying something. This is yet another reason then, why I absolutely love Bonworth as both my daughter and I are able to go a little crazy with our spending spree, knowing that we will get some great quality clothing at very good prices. Not only are the prices here extremely reasonable, they very often have offers and discounts too, as well as plenty of promotional material which you can take advantage of to save even more money.


I must mention the staff in the Bosworth stores as they are excellently trained and offer some incredible service. No matter which employee you happen to be dealing with, they will be an absolute star who will be ready and able to fix any problems which you may have, as well as helping you to find whatever it is that you are looking for. Few companies have excellent staff across the board but in the case on Bonworth, this is simply not the case.


Bonworth feels like a company with strong values and morals, and a real ethos which is centered around family. In the world we live in at the moment, it is tough to choose any company who really screams moral values, but that it what I feel like when I am in a Bonworth store. For me it is tough to place loyalty to too many brands, but in the case of this magnificent mother and daughter store, they certainly have my vote of confidence.