Knit socks

Avoid the usual holiday rush, where people clamber into packed shopping malls in hopes that the right gifts are still sitting on the shelves. If you plan ahead of time, you can craft a bunch of heartfelt gifts for your friends and family members.

Knit Socks

If you are talented with a pair of knitting needles, you should make a pair of knit slouchy socks for your loved ones — they can slip them on for walks in the snow, or they can wear them to stay cozy while they curl up on the couch.

Go to the website Yarnspirations to find the best yarn for socks and to find simple patterns to follow. They have a wide selection of yarn brands, fibers, colors and weights for you to pick through and have shipped right to your house.

One excellent choice for this type of gift would be Patons Kroy sock yarn because it’s a 4-ply superfine wool blend designed for soft and warm accessories. Grab a spool in a beautiful style like brown rose marl, blue raspberry, purple haze or mulberry stripes — then visit the Yarnspirations Blog to follow the instructional article on how to make slouchy socks for your homemade gifts.

Infused Liquor

The winter holidays are a fantastic time to invite company over to escape the blustery weather and chat by the fireplace over a round of cocktails. Instead of bringing your friend a bottle of basic red or white wine, you should infuse vodka with delicious flavors at home and give it to them as a present after the ingredients are perfectly combined — the entire process should take between three to seven days, depending on how strong you want the results to be. You can put in cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, crushed cardamom pods, or zest from citrus fruit to transform the plain drink.

Advent Calendars

Kids love counting down to Christmas morning by popping open the windows of their advent calendars to find miniature treasures and treats. If you are feeling creative, you should bulk up on your craft supplies and make your own advent calendars before December starts — hand them over by the first of the month, so that the kids can build anticipation in the weeks leading up to Santa’s big arrival. Buy little presents that can last the wait like wrapped hard candies, chocolate coins, puzzles, dice and other toys.

You can veer from tradition and make a DIY Christmas bulb advent calendar out of pieces of bright paper to string up on the banister or you can glue twenty-five wrapped boxes to an enormous canvas — there’s no reason why you should have to replicate the type of advent calendars you normally get from department stores.

As a final touch, you should make them a card with a personal handwritten message inside of it. The craft will only take a few minutes to make and save you from spending some money — more importantly, it will get a sweeter reaction than any option you buy.